Stk 1304:

NEWMAN FULLY AUTOMATIC LABELLING SYSTEM: MODEL CTE 250 CARTON LABELLER. The Newman CTE 250 is a fully automatic labelling system which applies a self- adhesive tamper evident labels (security labels) to erected cartons. The machine's compact design permits easy integration into existing packing lines. The CTE 250 incorporates a Pharmaceutical standard fail-safe security package with "positive accept" reject station and rejection verification. Finished in 304 stainless steel to meet GMP standards.

Year of manufacture 1994.


Cartons are delivered to the infeed where they are separated, held under a top belt and positively transported pats two stepper motor-driven label stations. Labels are dispensed on to the overhanging vertical faces of the carton and applied with a roller. Aeroplane and reverse tuck formats can be accommodated. Cartons proceed to the sensing station where UV sensors detect the presence of each label prior to label wipe down. Both labels must be present for a carton to be accepted, if not is ejected into a secure reject area, a further sensor verifies correction rejection.

Security System:

The POSITIVE ACCEPT principal demands that positive signals are received from both the UV sensors:_ otherwise cartons will be automatically rejected. A further sensor verifies that the carton has been ejected. The operator cannot override the system.


Cartons: Min 12mm (H) x 20mm (W) x 70mm (L)

Cartons: Max 120mm (H) x 120mm (W) x 250mm (L)

Labels: Min 10mm x 10mm

Labels: Min 40mm x 25mm

Max Reel O.D. 300mm

Speed: up to 250 cartons per minute

Net weight: 420kg

Electrical supply: 220V single phase 50Hz

Compressed air: 60 psi / 4.2bar