Web design and development

Corporate website design and deployment

Complete Corporate site -From 1239                                                            
Includes:  Domain name and hosting for one year
Front page design with up to 10 pages and graphics, scripting, and one advertising banner. Feedback-forms, company logo, colour scheme and hit counter.  Additional advertising banners are priced at 35.00 per frame, additional pages are 35.00  per page. Note: Text content is supplied on diskette. Alternative arrangements can be made for typing text.The value in a proven scenario for this package is estimated at over 7,600 per year.          

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 E-Commerce and online payment catalogue website - From 2399    
  • Domain name and hosting for one year
  • Front page design with up to 20 pages
  • 5 custom designed graphics and company logo
  • Programming or scripting
  • Two advertising banners.
  • Interactive form, Online poll, Order form, feedback-forms,
  • Visitor hit counter. 
  • E-Shop with order catalogue
  • Scripting with ASP, PHP or CGI
  • password protected areas
  • secure ordering systems
  • database access
  • java-script
  • Secure server
  • Optional flash version and movie presentation

The value of this package without maintenance is estimated at 2500, with maintenance the value is over 10,350 per year.                      

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Ebusiness applications

  • Intranet
  • extranets
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • ePortals
  • Emarketplaces
  • E-Banking
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data warehousing

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E-Business integrated site - From 3995                                                  
Options are:
  • Integrated Customer enabled online catalogue payment system
  • Supplier and Employee enabled intranet/extranet websites.
  • Portal enabled website with personalisation
  • E-Market places, B2B, B2C, C2C with supply chain, procurement interfaces.
  • ERP system integration with E-Commerce enabled website.
  • J2EE compliant financial transaction and messaging applications
  • CRM Information aggregation and datawarehousing.
  • Business Intelligence applications.
  • Customised E-business applications from the above packages

The value in a proven scenario for this package is estimated at 85,000

For an exclusive eBusiness solution consultation and advisory of appropriate scalable, managable and secure architecture for your ebusiness- contact us for an Executive Assessment appointment with our IBM certified e-business solution advisor.                                           

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Ebusiness audit

  • Are you finding your costs are increasing while your income is not?

  • Is managing your supplies procurement and inventory becoming to elaborate?

  • Are all your key business processes efficiently integrated?

  • Are you satisfied with your operational costs?

  • Have you reduced your printing costs by 90% using eBusiness?

  • Is your mark down scrap under 50%?

  • How quick is your "cash to cash" time cycle?

For technical expertise of how to seamless transform your processes for better operational efficiency call us for a comprehensive end to end ebusiness audit.

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Everest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) -Award winning software


Everest Integrated Enterprise is an award-winning e-business solution. It has been designed specifically for the e-business, retail, wholesale, distribution, mail order and service industries. Everest integrates all your departments, from sales to shipping, from bricks to clicks including business to business (b2b) and business to costumer (b2c).

Basically you get e-commerce functionalities including completely integrated back-end accounting right-out-of-the-box at an unbelievable price!

Your website can look as sleek as a or an, right-out-of-the-box. Everest even integrates your back-end business processes such as order-entry, point-of-sale features, credit card processing, contact management, bulk e-mail, and online account management and shopping cart and much more.

Please find below the links to know more about Everest. I suggest you to kindly go through the e-Demo along with your team to get a feel of the capabilities of Everest features.
We will be hosting an open day of demonstrations and would like to invite your company, on From Friday 24th November, 2003 there are two windows available morning 10.30am 12.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm to confirm your interest click here:

QuickLink: E-DEMO for information about the Everest product line and to see the online eDemo of the application. The eDemo is a self-running multimedia presentation and you could see either the overview that quickly encapsulates the salient features of the application or the in-depth feature-by-feature version.

Features:FEATURES TOUR  for information about the detailed feature list of Everest. 

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